Client Successes


Craig Renard, CEO of multiple companies including a litigation support company

“Wow! I am amazed at how much I saved in taxes once I contacted Christina! I own a small business and she was able to work wonders with my taxes and took care of making sure all her strategies actually worked! She and her team are great and always responsive to any questions that I have.

I sing her praises to many of my own clients and colleagues. I have been sending several people to her and will continue to refer others.”

Charles Dobens, Attorney

“I am so glad that I found Christina!! I am so impressed with her, her Strategic Tax Plan and her service. She truly delivered sound Tax Saving Strategies so that I was able to save lots of money in taxes. This has allowed me to use that money for my family and my business.

I’m especially thrilled that she and her team handled all the implementation so that I could focus on my business.

I highly recommend Christina and her team. I have even featured her on my brilliant podcast: Multifamily Investing. I have already been telling many of my many listeners, friends, and colleagues about her.”


Evan Farr, Certified Elder Law Attorney

“I am immensely grateful to have found and become a client of Lael Tax, LLC. With Christina’s amazing legal and tax expertise, my wife and I have been able to save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes per year, wildly exceeding all of our expectations. Christina has presented and implemented numerous tax-saving strategies for us that our prior CPA simply had no knowledge about.

It was very hard emotionally to leave my accountant that I’d been using for over 25 years, but I’m glad I made the leap, and the financial results speak for themselves. Also, Christina and her team always respond to any questions or needs that may arise, and keep in contact with us throughout the year to ensure we are able to minimize our tax liability in accordance with any new rules or opportunities from the IRS.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lael Tax, LLC to become your new CPA / tax attorney. She may charge a bit more than your current CPA, but she is worth every penny a thousand times over given the tax savings that she will help you achieve.”

Financial Advisor

“I can’t thank Christina and her team enough for all that she has done for my family. She has saved us over $300,000 in taxes and provides audit protection with her tax plans and returns! How do I know? We got audited. Christina and her team took care of EVERYTHING. We never had to talk to the IRS. ALL the tax strategies that she implemented were approved by the IRS. They didn’t change a thing. We are so glad that we have Christina on our side – saving us a significant amount in taxes AND fighting on our side.”

Milad Farah, Attorney

“I am so impressed with Christina Lael, her Strategic Tax Plan and her service. She truly delivers sound Tax Saving Strategies. I’m especially thrilled that she and her team handle all the implementation so that I can focus on my law firm. They really do take care of everything! I have already saved over tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and she has given me great advice when I have had questions throughout the year. I will be using Lael Tax, LLC from now on to prepare our tax returns and to guide us in all of our tax saving strategies. I’m especially excited about her plan to build tax free wealth for me and my family which we are in the process of implementing. She and her team truly care about their clients and it shows.”

John Singleton, Attorney

“My wife and I are incredibly grateful to you for the hard work of you and your staff in turning what had been an very stressful financial time into a magical gift.

Our good fortune in discovering you was completely unexpected. I perhaps have been jaded from years of practicing law and running a firm from the countless people peddling expectations that simply were not real. While I must admit to some skepticism about the excitement and energy that you poured into helping us, I had long ago given up on the notion of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Now, if you told me they were coming over for lunch, I might be tempted to believe it.

We now wonder how much our life might have been changed had we just had the good fortune to have access to your talents and skills at an earlier point in life and why the CPAs and tax lawyers that we paid handsomely had rarely delivered a low tax bill let alone, news of a refund. Thus, as we go forward, I am happy to promote your practice and services on our website or in any other manner not so much as a favor to you but rather as a gift to others who can benefit from your services by our introduction.

Thank you again for your help and kindness.”

Veronica Assalone, Attorney

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that Christina is the person I have been looking for all my life as an attorney! I was so frustrated with other CPAs and financial advisors who would not give me definite answers and plans on how to save money in taxes as an attorney. I would go to conferences and learn about a tax strategy that I would have to tell my CPA to implement. I even asked if he would have quarterly meetings with me to help me save money in taxes. He billed me for the quarterly meetings but was never able to help me save money in taxes.

When I received Christina’s email, I was skeptical but was so sick of paying too much in taxes that I reached out to her and she delivered. She gave me a comprehensive and impressive Strategic Tax Plan specifically for me, my family and my firm. I was so excited when she showed me how to significantly reduce my tax liability. She was very organized and is helping me implement her simple but very effective plan every step of the way.

I have decided to start using her as my CPA. She requires quarterly meetings as part of her service which will keep me on track. She will continue to advise me on future strategies to use. I was thrilled when she said that this was part of her service. This is what I’ve been looking for.

She also has a team of experts that can help me with other areas of my practice like retirement, health and life insurance, and developing an exit strategy. She is the CAPTAIN and my one stop shop. I communicate with her and she sets up any necessary meetings or actions that need to be taken.

It’s a huge burden taken off my shoulders and I’m just so glad to have found her. After she presented her Strategic Tax Plan, I told her that it was definitely money well spent! I’m so excited about our future relationship together and feel like my finances, taxes and firm are in good hands so I can focus on building my practice and reaching my goals.”

Shadi Shaffer, Attorney

“Trusting a new professional is not an easy step for a client to make. We hired the Lael tax team as a “leap of faith.” We were working hard as a law firm but felt that our current advisors were not strategic enough and were not helping us save in taxes. All our hard earned money was going to the government and running a legal practice is already an expensive business. After years of paying high taxes and not having things in place strategically, we finally found and hired the Lael Tax Team. WE CANNOT BE HAPPIER.

Our first experience of true joy and success was when our tax bill came due to the IRS – it was a lot more reasonable than we had experienced in the past. Christina Lael and her team are hands on, strategic, and resourceful – they meet your needs and goals and practically apply them to your business. At the end of the day, everyone wants to put more dollars in their pockets and we found that we were able to do just that. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL! They are worth every penny! You definitely get MORE than what you pay for with Christina Lael and her team.”

Anne Tyler Hall, Attorney

“I am so glad to have found Christina and her team! She has been able to drastically reduce our tax liability and set us up on an incredible plan to build tax free wealth. She and her team always answer our questions quickly, take care of anything that they can for us and go above and beyond to meet our needs. She has even shown us how to use technology to improve our productivity! I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to save money on taxes and plan financially for their future. I have already started referring people to her.”


“I thought I had a great CPA until I met you and found out I could save tens of thousands of dollars in taxes AND be in perfect compliance. I was shocked to discover what we had been doing was incorrect. If we had been audited, all the interest and penalties we could have faced would have been disastrous. Not only have we significantly reduced our taxes, but we don’t have any worries over whether our plan is sound. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done!”

Dr. Josh and Heidi

“We are so grateful for you and the money you’ve helped us save in taxes. You have literally rescued our dreams.

We have worked so hard to build up a successful practice that will allow us to take care of our large family. We had just bought some land and were getting ready to build a house on it when we got a tax bill that put the brakes on all our plans. It seemed like we were going to owe the government 40% of our hard-earned money, which meant we would have to postpone building our new home so we could pay the IRS.

Then we found you, and we just wish we had found you sooner. We are so impressed with your knowledge about the tax laws. The strategies you’ve put in place for us mean we are sending much less to the government. Now, we can focus on our own business, and we have the money to start building our new home!

You rescued our dreams — words can’t say how grateful we are!”

Larry Rains

“I just want to thank Christina Lael for all of her hard work and tireless dedication in helping me with my taxes every year. I have been Christina’s client for several years and I really appreciate the fact that she works hard to save me the most amount of taxes for my family and business. Christina and her team truly care about their clients and it shows. I really feel like they are on my side, fighting on my behalf. Christina is an incredibly knowledge and professional Tax Attorney who dedicates herself to her craft to make sure her clients are taken care of in every way. She and her team always respond to my questions and are more than happy to help me in any way that they can. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their taxes!”

Cassandra Beiling

“Thank you, Christina, for all your help with our taxes. I really appreciate the fact that you know the tax law so well, can save us money in taxes and provide all the documentation needed to back it up. I am so excited about our Strategic Tax Plan for my business and family, the fact that you explained everything to us and are helping us implement it every step of the way.

I’m also thrilled that I can come to you throughout the year with any questions that I have. I’m confident that you will keep us on track so that we can continue to save a significant amount of money in taxes year after year!”

Brenda Compton

“I knew when I met you several years ago that you would be someone special in my life (I held onto that business card you gave me!). I cannot thank you enough for what you have done/are doing for us. We will, of course, continue to come to you for tax purposes and any other questions we may have regarding those kinds of issues.”

Dr. Alex Koumtchev

“Christina has been our CPA and Tax Attorney for 7-8 years now. We have recommended Christina to our friends and in fact she became the CPA and Tax Attorney to my boss based on our recommendation. I am certain that you will enjoy working with Christina.”

Jon Lewis, Attorney

“We have been working with Christina for about a month, and so far she has been very timely and on top of things. She seems very organized with good ideas. We are looking forward to significant tax savings.”

Barbara Munro, Financial Advisor

“We love working with Christina. She is very thorough and quick to respond to any of our questions. Both my husband and I own our business so our taxes are very challenging and complex but Christina has showed us ways to maximize our profits and minimize our taxes.”

Elizabeth Wulff-Burchfield

“Thanks, Christina! We are so thankful for you as our tax superhero!”

Dave Parmelee

“I am really impressed with you, and will be sure to recommend your services.”

Holle Wiktorek

“Thanks again for your time, attention, and professional service. I feel confident I am definitely getting what I am paying for in using your services. Thank you!”

Kayla Avery

“Thank you again for your help. I know I can also trust you to get me the most back. I know I’m going to be ok with you doing my taxes.”

Scott McLellan

“I always feel confident about my taxes when I have you prepare them. I will always refer you to friends. Thanks for your help this and every year!”

Glenn & Trish Witt

“After finding out how many thousands of dollars saves in taxes; “That is all great news!! You rock!!”

Robert Bennes

“Thanks again for your great service!”

Jennifer Wheeler

“Thank you so much for helping us out!! It has been a pleasure working with you! We will definitely use you in the future.”