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You Are Overpaying On Your Taxes!

I Help Attorneys Keep An Average of $52,750 More Of Their Hard Earned Money Every Year, Legally!

I implement highly specialized strategies that your cpa, accountant, and tax preparer aren't using.

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Before You Book— I Only Have A Few Requirements. (Please Verify)

There are really only a few requirements that would need to be met in order to get you set up with a free virtual Tax Strategy Session. They are...

  • You must have a $200k minimum household income, married or single.
  • Setting aside 45 minutes for me to go over your unique situation and determine an estimated additional savings with my LTR System (virtual meeting).
  • The ability to have a printed out or digital copy of your last tax return available. There will be some key line items on there that we'll need for me to calculate your estimated savings.

If you are good to go on those three items, I'm very confident you'll be glad you set aside the time. CONTINUE BOOKING BELOW!

Good with the 3 requirements above?

Book Your Virtual 

Strategic Tax Planning Session


STOP Overpaying The IRS  And Keep More Of 

Your Money TODAY!

ME and my team will go to work for you and implement my highly specialized strategies on your behalf!

Here's The Bottom Line:

If you are an attorney or Firm Partner, I KNOW for a fact that you are overpaying on taxes.

And I’m here to tell you it’s time to FIGHT BACK.

There are 100% LEGAL ways (that do NOT flag any kind of auditing system) to put a big ol’ lock on your front and keep more of your hard-earned money inside.

In fact, I can help you create the best "lock" and save a TON on your taxes every year.

That’s because I’m a licensed CPA and I’m ALSO a licensed tax attorney, and I use highly specialized strategies that have taken me years to develop, and thousands of hours to uncover.

It's all of this, plus, being one of only sixty people in the entire United States that is certified with the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners that allows me to help attorneys save $52,750 on average in taxes yearly.

That’s YOUR hard-earned money that you can use to pay your kid’s college tuition, invest with, contribute to your retirement, and more.

Or, that can be “fun” money to use for an exotic vacation or remodel your kitchen.

And the more money you make, the MORE I can save you in taxes year after year.

Below, I'll tell you about the 5 key strategies I use and how they've helped other attorneys.

5 Key Strategies I Use To Legally Save YOU A TON On Your Income Taxes

1. Strategic Tax Deductions

That most CPAs aren't aware of

In fact, it’s how I helped an Intellectual Property Trial Attorney from St. Louis, Missouri making $1.4M a year SAVE $210,854 in taxes!

2. Legal Entity Structuring

rarely leveraged properly

It’s why I was able to help one of my clients - an attorney with 10 years experience from Nashua, New Hampshire making $408,000 a year - SAVE $66,810 in taxes!

3. Maximize Deductions

where most fall short

In fact, it’s because of strategies like this I was able to help the Co-Managing Partner of a firm that counsels “C-suite” executives at both public and private companies.

He lives in Santa Monica, a beautiful beach-side location in California - one of the highest tax states in the country - making $650,000 a year.

And still, I was able to save him $100,891!

4. Revenue Stream Separation & Income Shifting

one of the biggest missed opportunities

It’s how I helped a Business Immigration Attorney with 12 years of experience from New York City. He makes $454,000 in yet another high-tax city AND state … and still, we saved him $81,840!

5. Maximizing Tax Credits

It's not what it sounds like

My team and I have found every possible tax credit (not to be confused with tax deductions) hiding under a rock in the 60,000 + pages of tax code and we implement the most meaningful of credits, on your behalf.

“Drastically reduced our tax liability”

"Christina and her team has been able to drastically reduce our tax liability and set us up on an incredible plan to build tax free wealth. She and her team always answer our questions quickly, take care of anything that they can for us and go above and beyond to meet our needs.

She has even shown us how to use technology to improve our productivity! I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to save money on taxes and plan financially for their future. I have already started referring people to her.”

Anne Tyler Hall, JD, LLM | Attorney

current Lael Tax Client

featured client testimonial

Meet Veronica Assalone

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that Christina is the person I have been looking for all my life as an attorney! I was so frustrated with other CPAs and financial advisors who would not give me definite answers and plans on how to save money in taxes as an attorney. I would go to conferences and learn about a tax strategy that I would have to tell my CPA to implement. I even asked if he would have quarterly meetings with me to help me save money in taxes. He billed me for the quarterly meetings but was never able to help me save money in taxes.

When I received Christina’s email, I was skeptical but was so sick of paying too much in taxes that I reached out to her and she delivered. She gave me a comprehensive and impressive Strategic Tax Plan specifically for me, my family and my firm. I was so excited when she showed me how to significantly reduce my tax liability. She was very organized and is helping me implement her simple but very effective plan every step of the way.

I have decided to start using her as my CPA. She requires quarterly meetings as part of her service which will keep me on track. She will continue to advise me on future strategies to use. I was thrilled when she said that this was part of her service. This is what I’ve been looking for.

She also has a team of experts that can help me with other areas of my practice like retirement, health and life insurance, and developing an exit strategy. She is the CAPTAIN and my one stop shop. I communicate with her and she sets up any necessary meetings or actions that need to be taken.

It’s a huge burden taken off my shoulders and I’m just so glad to have found her. After she presented her Strategic Tax Plan, I told her that it was definitely money well spent! I’m so excited about our future relationship together and feel like my finances, taxes and firm are in good hands so I can focus on building my practice and reaching my goals.”

Veronica Assalone - Founder/Senior Counsel - Assalone & Associates, LLC

My Big Offer To You

Look, I know it’s easy for someone to claim authority and show off shiny case studies and testimonials about how great a product or service is. But being able to demonstrate expertise and (best of all) apply it to YOUR unique situation is where the contenders separate themselves from the pretenders.

So here’s my offer to you - as long as you’re an attorney or firm partner making $300,000 or more per year, $200,000 if you are single, I’m beyond confident I can find you at least $10,000 in tax savings. (On average, my attorney and law firm partner clients realize an annual tax savings of $52,750!)

So, here’s how I’ll put skin into the game and prove I’m not just talk - if we talk, and if I agree to look into your situation, and I can’t find at least $10,000 in tax savings, I’ll send you $100 for your troubles.

What do you have to lose?

Why This Matters

With the advancement of tax software, just about anyone with a general tax knowledge can plug in the numbers and it will spit out a tax return that the IRS is more than happy to accept.

Because let’s face it - the IRS will never tell you “Hey there, sorry to bug you, but you paid us too much and didn’t use the credits and deductions available to you!”

That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

It’s why my clients regret not having found me sooner.

Because I work for YOU and use every nook and cranny of the 60,000 page tax code (including tax-course CASES) that we can use to help you legally pay less.

Important Note

Many attorneys initially think that my strategies could cause audit flags. Let me be clear: They will NOT. My clients rarely get audited, and in the odd case when they do, they pass and my team and I take care of EVERYTHING for them. 

So if you’re an attorney or Firm Partner making at least $300,00 a year, let’s talk.

I can show you how I can save you on average, over $52,000 on your taxes each year.

And, again, I’ll put my money where my mouth is: I’ll send you $100 if I can’t find at least $10k in tax savings for you. 

Continue below to book a free Strategic Tax Planning Session with me...

I look forward to talking with you!

Christina Lael, CPA, Esq.

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